Our raw material producto de kelsen Dolomite: double calcium carbonate and magnesium CaMg(CO3)2 when theoretically pure, contains a stoichiometric ratio of calcium carbonates and magnesium: 45,7% MgCO3 (21,85% MgO) and 54,3% CaCO3 (30,4% CaO).

Our dolomites are very close to these values because they do not have the undesirable impurities for brick manufacture such as melting oxides SiO2, Al2O3 y Fe2O3. Mastering and controlling all the steps involved in sourcing and manufacturing this basic raw material is a critical and integral part of this process at KELSEN.

Quality control after quarry extraction is implemented to determine the suitability of the dolomite for the manufacture of bricks.

The stocks of freshly sorted raw dolomite follow a long and complicated path to make a basic high-quality refractory like the KELSEN brick. As can be seen in the diagram (fig. 1), the process continues from collection through controlled burning to obtain the CaO and MgO oxides. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers the burnt product to the rotary kiln (temperatures above 2000ºC) where the dolomite is “almost” melted, yielding a very high-density sintered product (>3.30) that guarantees resistance to hydration and chemical stability. Después este ladrillo dolomítico de alta pureza será capaz de resistir los ataques químicos físicos y choques térmicos garantizando una larga vida y un muy alto rendimiento.
Subsequently, this highly pure dolomitic brick will be able to withstand physiochemical attacks and thermal shocks, guaranteeing long life and very high performance. This two-step process yields the best-finished product that yields a very high-quality and consistent product. Only in this way is it possible to reach densities above 3.3 g/cm3, 3 particularly if the raw material is as pure as ours.

In the iron and steel process, the dolomite brick (basic brick) has a substantial advantage, namely its cost per ton of steel. The types of steel manufactured, increasingly more demanding, require, in turn, high-quality products that provide the services and characteristics exhibited by dolomite.

A sintered dolomite with a constant chemical composition, such as the one indicated in the chart attached, can yield almost-pure dolomite bricks.

CaO/Mg 1,7
MgO 37
CaO 61
SiO2 0,2
Al2O3 0,2
Fe2O3 0,5
Density 3,2
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